ICLITE Objectives

Throughout the project there has been great effort dedicated to exploring possibilities of providing equitable provision of learning opportunities for learners in different localities with limited technological infrastructure through creating and developing supportive tools for innovative pedagogies and technologies. In this project, this has been translated through deep discussions into a contextualized model to serve all students in Egypt and across the MENA region through this open website.


Heba EL-Deghaidy

Principal Investigator

Gihan Osman

Co-principal Investigator

Mohamed El Nagdi

Project Coordinator and Senior research assistant

Rami Guindi

Key GSE alumni contributor

Graduate School of Education (GSE) students and alumni

-Salma Nawar
-Hanaa Mahmoud
-Bola Ibrahim
Project coordinator till Dec 2019
-Bassant Hegazy
-Amr Kammon
-Dr.Ahmed Morsy
Instructional Designer
-Hanan Abou Zaied
-Hemmat Mahmoud
-Areej Remah
Graphic designer
-Alaa Badran